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What a month!

by on Nov.29, 2013, under info

Guys and girls of Tune Up, Its Carls here and it’s that time of year again. That time all locals stay away from Surfers Paradise and no tourists visit. That time of year the streets are taken over by the newly graduated students of year 12. Yes people, Schoolies is here!!!!

The streets are crawling with Schoolies. I myself am a little apprehensive to visit Surfers Paradise. I have quickly come to realise that the first week of schoolies there are certain bars and restaurants that the schoolies don’t visit and Tune Up is one of them. This being due to the fact that most are under age. So this is a prime opportunity to visit one of your favourite bars or restaurants. No lines for drinks or waiting for a table. Tune Up is the same. We quieten down a little over schoolies so its a great time to come in with your friends and take advantage of singing as many songs as you like and catching up with the Tune Up Crue. The second week of schoolies is the NSW and Victorian’s they are all 18 and love Tune Up. I know there is a bit of a stigma attached to coming into Surfers during schoolies time but we had a lot of regulars and locals come in and really enjoy the energy that the schoolies brought. They were young fun and incredibly polite.

Another advantage of coming into Tune Up Bar is the view from our balcony over looking all the Schoolie crazyness on Cavill Ave. Never a dull moment!!

Onto past news… Tune Up had it’s Halloween party. The Crue had their faces painted, massive black wings and looking a little more sexy then scary. The bar was decked out in spider webs, bats and creepy crawlies. Our shot the ‘Brain Hemorrhage’ was quite a hit. Skull shot glasses with a potent little concoction to look like a floating brain with blood on the bottom. The texture of this shot in your mouth is almost indescribable… Curdling goodness are the words I would use. All in all a great night!




Onto more recent news The Tune Up Crue had their staff Christmas party…. Enough said.

Before I go, to answer the most commonly asked question of this month. We are updating the song book in December. Most likely mid December. Date is yet to be confirmed. But should be ready by the beginning of next year.

Until next time..

Good jarrrrrrrb




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Hello again :)

by on Nov.12, 2013, under info

Hello fellow tune up lovers, Kelcey here!


If you were not here when we first found the wall of shame, let me just fill you in.  So the wall of shame is a list of numbers, notes and photos left for us bar girls.  It is honestly filled with the most hilarious pick up lines, diagrams and photos.  So this wall of shame used to fill one of the walls behind the bar.  But since the renovations that wall was knocked down. ( sad face)  So we have now moved it to a bigger and better wall behind the bar. (excited face)  But as this wall is wider the wall now looks a lot smaller.  SO HELP ME AND LETS FILL THIS WALL UP !!!!!! (puppy dog eyes) Bring in your funniest photos, write us a note or slip us your number!!!  This is your chance as a customer to be remembered forever ! haha Hopefully together we can fill this wall and create a lasting memory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If you have not notice yet, there is always a lot of action happening behind the bar.   From dramatic interpretive dancing to downright busting out the best hip hop moves you’ll ever see, we like to entertain our customers on a whole new level!!  Unfortunately though customers often do not hear the funny jokes or the reasoning’s behind our craziness!! So often enough we do get a lot of those “What the hell are you doing Looks.”  !!  ahaha But what are you going to do, pretty sure it’s probably funnier without knowing why we are being idiots. So if your not here to sing, you are more then welcome to watch our craziness and even join in !!! =)

2013-09-21 00.16.52

ALSO, I would like to make a special shout out to BEC, one of the bar girls here at Tune-up ! She has found probably the funniest dance clip I have ever seen.  It is of a girl who in the back of a real dance class, is basically just busting out some pretty crazy moves !! The moves include a lot of hip thrusts, some random karate action and some bum hoping !! haha.  SO of course as you would expect Bec and I plan to learn this routine for regular performances at the bar !!!  If you’re interested, you are more then welcome to learn this choreography or perform some of your own crazy dances for us.




Lastly, I would just like to announce that in two weeks time I am a qualified highschool teacher !!!!!!! BOOYA!!!!!  I best see you all here for celebratory drinks !!!!!!!!!! =)



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