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What’s Your Favourite Song?

by on Oct.27, 2013, under info

Oh Heyyyy there! Bec here….

When Kats told me it was my turn to write a blog post, my mind went blank as to which topic to touch on. Then that little man called Logic crept into the core of my brain and whispered “just make it simple, Bec. Don’t overcomplicate things.” And so, I shan’t. It got me thinking about the SIMPLE things in life. The things that make me happy and release those fuzzy little endorphins into my head. Then it came to me like a Tsunami crashing into the shoreline…..Music. And the question became so simple….What is my favourite song??? This question is a question that has burrowed itself deep inside my mind for many years now, ever since the first time a customer in this bar asked me that very question. Until now, I really haven’t pondered the question. And the answer is this…..I do not have a Goddamn clue.

I have come to the conclusion that this question that all of you ask so frequently is an unanswerable question. There are simply too many factors involved. My taste in music varies from the deep bass sounds of Red Hot Chili Peppers to the upbeat, girly, ex-boyfriend-bashing pop beats of Taylor Swift and that is simply because, like all humans, my moods change. One minute I’ll be banging my head to crazy bangers in da clubbb, the next I’ll be listening to Angus and Julia Stone wondering why I haven’t yet taken up the guitar.

So let me try and answer this question the best I can. I’m going to break it down to my top 3, in no particular order.

1. “Romeo and Juliet” The Killers…..Yes I know Dire Straits did it first, but The Killers did it better. Why do I love this song so much? Perhaps it’s because The Killers are my favourite band, or maybe because Brandon Flowers’ voice is something out of a dream and he could sing about a cat licking its fur and I’d be mesmerised, but I think it’s quite simple, I just like the way this song sounds. It makes me happy. Period.

2. “I Never Knew You” by The Rocket Summer- This one is easy. This is my highschool jam. Me and my group of school friends used to blare this song at every house party and sing it like we were singing into the souls of every human on this earth.

3. “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift- This is my “I have no shame” song. I don’t care what you say, I LOVE Taylor Swift, I love her songs, I love her blunt hatred from the male race and I especially love THIS SONG. It’s the song I blast through the speakers of my car after work. It’s the song that winds me down before bed and calms me after a crazy night. And it’s just a bonus that it was written about mega babe, Jake Gyllenhal.

So there you have it. After deep analysis, I have provided you with my top three favourite songs of all time.

Adios my fellow music-lovers!

Bec xo




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I was made for loving you

by on Oct.17, 2013, under info

Hi guys its Kats here,

It was such a short winter, it has warmed up quite early this year. Its going to be Christmas soon and do you know what? It will be Tune Up’s 5th birthday on 31st January. 5 years have gone and it seems like only yesterday we opened for the first time but at the same time I feel like it has been a long time and Tune Up has come a long way.

We all have some kind of turning point in our life, such as meeting new people, a new career, travelling overseas. I have also had quite a few turning points in my life. One of the latest ones was immigrating to Australia in 2006 followed by divorcing with my wife!!! To then starting Tune Up bar in 2009. The latest one has been slow to happen but am happy to say has just begun happening now at tune up bar!  I have never focused on one particular thing as much as I have focused on Tune Up bar. This is my first experience starting and running my own business in Australia. It is just before reaching the 5 year period and I am beginning to feel like I’m standing in my own field. I have great staff, cool regulars and customers. We don’t know exactly what we should do yet but we want to do something special for Tune Up’s 5th birthday. We want to show our appreciation for all these people who have contributed/visited Tune Up over the past 5 years and celebrate this milestone together.

These 5 years made me think what is important to run a business? I even began dreaming about this. Well after all this I realised im not a great business minded person. Talking about business is not really suited to my personality. Having a good reputation to ones business is important but I have started to feel that it is not overly meaningful. I think a good reputation really means is what others think about ones self… Well its not that important… What is more important is how much ones self thimks and takes care of others.

Towards the 5 year period of Tune Up bar lets think again how much I think and take care of everyone… And how much we (Tune Up Crue) think and take care of you guys?…

Until next time…

Keep on going






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Aliens, Astronauts, Uni games and a Saturday night off

by on Oct.04, 2013, under info

Hello my fellow tune-up lovers

Kelcey here,

Well what a busy week it has been here at Tune-up! Our precious Carly was missing in action this weekend gone but she came back on Tuesday !!!! Although we all missed her bubbly face it has been a fun – packed weekend here at tune –up.  For example one of the parties which came in on the weekend was a space themed birthday.  We had people dressed as aliens, some dressed as planets and others as astronauts.  This party in particular was the entertainment for the evening !! HAHA With some interesting song choices accompanied with some unique dance moves it was definitely a night to remember.  I honestly recommend taking a step out of the norm and to come check out our karaoke bar. It is fantastic for special events as it offers unique entertainment!! It’s so different from the usual bar parties. Plus where else can you bust out your old time favourites with your best mates?? Ahha  =)


This week is uni games, which means Surfers Paradise will be packed with young uni students. Tune-up of course is busier than ever with so many uni students coming in to sing !!! We have had boys dressed in dresses, power rangers and all kinds of super heroes.  It has been entertaining so far and I’m sure it will only get more interesting as the week goes on. 


 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AGES I HAVE A SATURDAY NIGHT OFF – and of course I will probably end up back here at Tune-up !!!   So if you don’t have plans to come out, you do now !!!!! So come in for a few drinks, a few trays of shots and some tunes !!! I cant wait ! SEE YOU ALL SOON


Love Kelcey =)

Kelcey Japanese pic

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