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Kelcey here!

If you haven’t met me yet, here is just a little background on myself:

I am 21 years old, I have a bachelor of fine arts in Dance from QUT.  I am currently completing my degree in secondary teaching and shall be a qualified dance and drama teacher by the end of the year.  I joined Tune-up purely as a night job to help get me through my degree BUT I quickly fell in love with my job and have been here for over two years now.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of developing some amazing friendships with our regular customers.  Some of our regulars have been coming to Tune-up since we opened about four years ago!!!! As I usually work the LONENLY MONDAY SHIFT by myself :(.  It’s always nice to have my regulars pop in to keep me company and bust out some of my favorite tunes!  All of Tune-up’s regular customers are not only fun, outgoing people but they constantly support our small business.  They respect the rules and procedures at Tune-up and continue to welcome new costumes into our intimate environment!!!   I think this is one of the main points which separates Tune-up from normal bars.   Not only is the service beyond amazing 😉 but our costumers are always friendly and welcoming to all Tune-Up new comers.



                                                                                                             wall of shame


The staff member s here at Tune-up has also developed a “Wall of shame”.  This is simply a wall of funny photos, notes and maybe some sneaky phone numbers given to the Tune-up girls.  This wall started about 6 months ago and is increasing everyday.  Each and every Tune-up girl has contributed to this wall in some way and we hope our new tune up girl will do the same.  But personally Carly and I hope to fill the wall completely!!! So if your new to tune-up or if you’re a regular and have been slack, feel free to add a special something to our wall !!!!!!!!


That’s it from me =) ! Come in and visit (especially on my lonely Monday shifts) and bust out some of your favorite tunes!!!

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Chicken and the egg

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Hi guys,

Its Kats here. This week one of my staff members Laura is finishing at Tune Up. She has been working at Tune Up since January this year. Laura… This bubbly, cheeky and naughty girl has given us great support for the past 6 months. Thank you Laura! I wish you all the best.

We have just started looking for a new staff member to replace Laura this week. The last few days we have seen many nice people with lots of talent… But Tune Up is just a little venue and we have only one position available. Such a shame! It seems like finding work is not that easy, particularly this time of year. I can see all the candidates are trying very hard… Its not an easy time for lots of employers too. We still need to be tough and we still need to be patient. We also do our best every single night at Tune Up bar.

My staff at Tune Up support me in running this business, as this is my instruction to them…. Enjoy working at Tune Up bar with customers. I think they do enjoy!!! I hope!! But it makes me wonder… Is it a good environment here because my staff smile and enjoy working here or do they smile and enjoy working here because it is a good environment. The chicken and the egg. Ultimately it doesn’t matter which one came first but there is only one thing I know… That all they can control is their smile, there for the answer should be that because my staff smile the environment is good. Wow, shit that’s great! I found that I instruct my staff to do something I cannot do. Because I am not such an outgoing or bubbly person.

This is something I can also learn. There must be lots of ways to run a successful business and lots of ways to find a successful career but I found there is only one way to succeed. It doesn’t matter what area, there is only one way… To make people happy.

Until next time… Lets keep on going!


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The party continues and never stops at Tune-Up.

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Hey Tunestars,

Bec here! Another successful and fun weekend at Tune-Up.  Friday night was full of fierce fellas and tonight (Saturday) seemed to be teaming with the lovely ladies. My ears are ringing with a lot of Amy Winehouse, a bit of Blondie and my favourite ladies from the 80’s, Salt ‘n’ Pepper (who are touring in Aus this year if you haven’t been listening to the radio!) I’m happy to say we didn’t have anyone sing Bohemian Rhapsody (sorry guys, I know you all love it, but I think I’ve heard that songs more times than I’ve heard Happy Birthday!)

So I’m now in my third year of working for Tune-Up and this weekend had me reminding why I love this job so much and it’s quite simple…there’s just no other bar or job in general that I can imagine being as fun, entertaining and rewarding as Tune-Up. I know it’s cliché to say’, but there really is no place like it. Another reason why I love and enjoy my job is so much is the incredible team I work with. First off there’s Kats, our crazy, cool Bon Jovi look-a-like boss; and he really is the coolest boss; then there’s our gorgeous, witty manager, Carly and my fellow team mates Laura and Kelcey- what in the world would I do without this dream team. 🙂 Not to forget our customers. We have such a great time with you all. We love watching each of you get up the courage to sing for the first time. Watching our regulars who are up on the stage every week. Or those who prefer to sit, watch and cheer them on. You are what makes this place great!

This weekend also had me realising just how clumsy a human being I am. When people ask me what my main personality trait is, I would certainly say it’s my lack of co-ordination. This became very apparent to the 50+ patrons in our bar tonight when I tripped and fell over one of our customers’ guitar in front of them all- legs in the airs, glasses all over the floor, the whole shebang…. and it’s sad to say that that has happened many many times in this place. I think people are highly deceived when they assume bartenders/hostesses are classy, co-ordinated, highly talented human beings because I am a prime example that no, we are not. Or perhaps that is what separates the Tune-Up girls from regular bartenders. We have that little bit of spunk 😉

Anyhow, I’ve had an incredible weekend with all you crazy kids and we sure hope you did too if you came up and visited us. We look forward to another incredible week ahead at Tune-Up. Start stretching those vocals cords!

Goodnight, folks 🙂

-Bec xo



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Bring on another great week

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Hi guys, it’s Carly (the manager of Tune Up)

Its 3am and the end to another Tuesday night. One of our beautiful Tune Up girls Bec has just finished up for the night. So now I turn the music up and finish closing the bar.

Tonight was a little quiet but fantastic to see most of our regulars come in.

The weekend just passed was a very busy weekend for us… Busy and a lot of fun. We love our customers and usually have a really good crowd. This weekend was no exception. I feel very lucky to have such great people coming into Tune Up. A big thank you to everyone for coming in and being so respectful… To the Tune Up crew and Tune Up.

Looking forward to another great week with you all!

Good jaaarrrrrrrrb


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Rock on!

by on Jul.11, 2013, under info

Hi guys, its Kats, the owner of Tune Up. We have just started this blog today the 11th July. I’m shy, I dont usually like speaking to the public. But today is the first day starting Tune Up’s blog…. Carly (the manager) pushed me to do it 🙁

Today is a special day. It is the 11th July, the first day of Tune Ups blog and also one of my favourite bands Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora birthday. This making it a cool day to start a blog. Cheers!

It is now 3am. We have just closed the bar. We had a quiet night… “Hey Carly, how was your night?” This time of the year is cold and the low season. Especially now that school holidays have finished, there are not many people around. Thank you to those who came into Tune Up tonight. Hopefully you all enjoyed your night.

This is Tune Ups 5th year. Again thank you guys for supporting us the last 4 and a half years. Personally I am not aware of blogs, social media eg. facebook etc etc. I am hoping we can talk to all of you through this blog more often.

Sorry guys im not really a great speaker, im going to finish up this message now. But lets have a great night again tonight at Tune Up!!


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